The Son Bistro Hoi An
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Bars In Old Town, Hoi An

My Top Picks

Please note that I am not a professional food & drink critic  so these are my own personal choices, but, let's face it, bars are a subjective experience anyway. I also haven't necessarily chosen these bars because they have the best drinks or choice of drinks . To me, drinking in a bar is an experience, and the drinks are only a part of it. A big part to be sure, but not the whole. These, then, are my favourite places to drink, out of the places that I have reviewed so far anyway.  Some are for the ambience, some the deals, others for both. To find out more, I guess you will just have to read the reviews.



The Hoianian Wine Bar & Restaurant

My number one pick so far because I just think it's the perfect place to sit outside and people watch as they walk through Old Town and along the river. That, and they have beer and wine on happy hour for 7 hours. What's not to like?

The Hoianian wine bar restaurant Hoi An



The Son Bistro Hoi An 

This is a close number two for me as it almost ties with The Hoianian for my favourite places to work. They are only about 50 m away from each other, but The Son Bistro lacks the river view to give it full marks, but is still great to sit outside and people watch. However, if The Hoianian continues to have patchy WIFI, this may become my new number 1

The Son Bistro Hoi An



Market Bar

This is a wonderfully cool and chilled rooftop bar just a short walk from the hotel. The music is funky and the gin and tonics memorable. They have a large list of "fish bowl" gins and gin infusions that are definitely worth trying. It is a great place to relax and enjoy a gin and tonic.



The 3 Dragons Sports pub

I understand that not everyone likes a sports pub, but that is why the 3 Dragons is so special. Not only is it my "local" but it has something for everyone. Even if you don't like sport, it has one of the best riverside eating and drinking areas in the town. And I mean riverside. You don't get closer to the river than this without getting wet feet.