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Eating & Drinking Out

Food & Drink in Hoi An

Food and drink are the lifeblood of most cities, but with the exception of tailors, Hoi An is almost entirely built around restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. If you like nice food and drink, you will definitely find something you like in Hoi An

Restaurant hoi an

Restaurants in Hoi An

For such a small town, Hoi An has a wide variety of restaurants for all budgets and tastes

Whether you are looking for  traditional Hoi An or Vietnamese food, Italian, Indian, seafood, or just a good steak, you will find it in Hoi An. 

The Son Bistro Hoi An

Bars in Hoi An

Just as with restaurants, if you are feeling thirsty and looking for a drink, you won't have to walk far in Hoi An

From western-style pubs, to wine and cocktail bars, to war-themed bars, there is something for every taste when it comes to drinking in Hoi An. Even if you want to drink and dance until the early hours of the morning.

coffee shop hoi an

Coffee Shops in Hoi An

The one thing that you will find absolutely everywhere in Hoi An is coffee shops

From the humble kerb-side coffee shop, to the local chains like Highland coffee, all the way to the international giant Starbucks, Hoi An specialises in coffee shops. They are everywhere. Vietnamese coffee, salt coffee, egg coffee, coconut coffee, espresso, cappuccino...all can be found within a few meandering steps in the streets of Hoi An.

Reviews of coffee shops will be coming shortly. There are just too many of them.