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Good Morning Vietnam, Hoi An, Italian Restaurant

Good Morning Vietnam Italian Restaurant Hoi An

If you are looking for Italian food in Hoi An Old Town, then you can certainly do a lot worse than Good Morning Vietnam. There aren’t too many dedicated Italian restaurants in the Old Town at the time of writing, and while there are certainly the odd one or two, and a few others that offer Italian food on their menus, Good Morning Vietnam is the best bang for your buck place that you will find. This has been my go-to Italian restaurant for many years as the quality is high and the prices very reasonable.

There are two floors to choose from here. Downstairs is the most popular by far as it seems 90% of the interior design effort went into it, and it is often quite busy. I would certainly recommend booking if it is in high season. The front of the restaurant is open to the street, which makes it very inviting from the outside, but means it can also get a little warm in the summer, but inside it has a very cosy feel to it. The walls are painted the ubiquitous Hoi An yellow and adorned with photos, which kind of makes it feel like you’re in someone’s home.

If downstairs is full, or maybe too hot, then you can venture upstairs. Most people never get this far and it often fills up only when the downstairs is full. I can kind of understand this, as although they have more room and bigger tables upstairs, which is perfect for larger groups, it does lack the charm of downstairs somewhat. It just feels a little like an afterthought. As we have been there many times though, we usually head straight upstairs as it tends to be quieter.

The Food

As I said earlier, I have been here many times over the years, and have tried many things on the menu. I have also ordered their pizza for delivery many times. Unfortunately, as is my way, I always forget to take photos so I do not have as many as I would like. The best place to start, I think, is the pizza. Good Morning Vietnam offers both medium and large pizzas with thin crust and a wide variety of toppings. The medium is more than enough for one person, and the large perfect to be shared. If you like a pizza with a thin base and traditional crispy crust then this will probably be the best pizza you will have in Hoi An. When I am in the mood for a light crispy crust, I always buy from here. It is the easy winner. I have tried many of the toppings and have not found a bad one yet, so am very happy to recommend the pizza to anyone.

While the price for a pizza is obviously going to be more expensive than your local Vietnamese food (and I have heard people complain about this), the high quality ingredients used here make the pizzas very good value for money and worth every penny.

I actually don’t order pizza often when I dine-in anymore as I order it regularly for delivery, so I will usually order something from the pasta menu. But before I even get that far, we always order the caprese salad and the garlic bread. The caprese salad is simply a large hunk of fresh mozzarella cheese with slices of fresh tomato, drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with Italian herbs. It is wonderfully light and fresh. Well it would be if we didn’t always eat it with the garlic bread. The garlic bread comes looking like an enormously puffed up calzone. A ball of wonderfully hot and soft bread filled with air. Along with the caprese salad and a plate of the complimentary olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip it in, this is a fantastic way to start any meal.

I have tried many of the pasta dishes at Good Morning Vietnam, and the pasta is usually well cooked, although it can be a little on the soft side sometimes but never enough to deter me from enjoying any of the dishes. The lasagne is well sized and tasty, although possibly not as tasty as the one in Morning Glory Signature in my view. Having said that, it is certainly bigger and the garlic bread here is much better, and as I enjoy eating lasagne with garlic bread, the overall experience is tied. The ravioli is good also, although I have to say I prefer the pumpkin ravioli to the meat one, and as a man who likes his meat, this is no easy thing to say. The pumpkin ravioli is incredibly tasty, although it may not be enough to fill you up if you haven’t ordered the caprese salad and garlic bread like me. A couple of honourable mentions would go to the salmon tagliatelle and the tagliatelle Bolognese, as these are both very good and well sized for a main course for anyone. The only dish that I have been a little disappointed with, is the gnocchi gorgonzola. I love gnocchi and I love blue cheese, but I found this one to be a little sharp for my taste, like the cheap blue cheese you buy in the supermarket. I have only had it once so maybe it was just a bad blue cheese day and if you like very sharp blue cheese, then this might be just the dish for you.

Overall then, it is certainly worth paying Good Morning Vietnam a visit, as it is lovely place to sit and eat and the food is high quality and very reasonably priced. While I haven’t tried the non pasta menu, I have seen someone get the steak and that looks very good too. It is a solid Italian restaurant in Hoi An and worth a visit if you are looking for some Italian food.

The Drinks

While the bar here is stocked with a wide variety of spirits and they have beers like Huda available at a reasonable price, this is an Italian restaurant, so all I really care about is the wine. They have quite an extensive wine menu at very good prices, but they also offer house Italian wines by the glass and by the carafe as well as the bottle at a very good price indeed. This is great if you don’t want to slug through a bottle and just want a few glasses to go with your meal. I believe they offer two different house variations, and while both are not bad quality, it is probably worth paying just a little extra for the more expensive one. It is still cheap, but tastes a lot better. Both the reds are fine though and will go well with the food. I haven’t tasted the white so I won’t comment.

As you can probably tell, I have been to Good Morning Vietnam many times and ordered delivery even more frequently than that. If ever there was something to look for in a recommendation, that is probably all you need to know.


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