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Restaurants in Hoi An Old Town

My Top Picks

Please note these are not restaurants that I consider the "best" in Hoi An as I am not a professional food critic and I believe food is always subjective, so they are simply my favourite places to eat. It also doesn't necessarily mean that I think they provide the best food. To me, eating at a restaurant is an experience, and the food is only a part of it. A big part to be sure, but  not the whole. These, then, are my favourite places to eat, out of the places that I have reviewed so far anyway.  Some are for the ambience, some the food, others for both. To find out more, I guess you will just have to read the reviews.



Morning Glory Signature

Overall Best Restaurant

This is probably my favourite place to eat in the whole of Hoi An, simply because nowhere else offers the level of choice of food with such an unerring level of quality as Morning Glory Signature. It is also a very nice place to sit and eat with excellent service. 



Market Bar

Best Rooftop Restaurant

The Market Bar is more a bar than a restaurant and will probably appear in my bar top 5 as well, but with the roof-top ambience, cool music and quality anitpasto meat and cheese plates, it deserves a spot in my top places to eat. Not only is it close to the hotel, but it's a place you will want to go back to time and again.



Hai Cafe

Best Barbecue Restaurant

The wonderful open-air courtyard and the flavours of the barbecued meats put this one in the top of my list of places to eat. It's a perfect place to sit with a group or just a lived one and enjoy an evening in the open air with some of the tastiest meat you will ever have.

Courtyard Hai Cafe Hoi An



The Sea Shell by Nu Eatery

Best Hidden Gem and Tapas-style Restaurant

The Sea Shell by Nu Eatery is a tiny hidden gem that packs a punch. It's not so much the ambience here as the high quality tapas-style food that gets my vote. Who doesn't like being able to order lots of small dishes and still have enough money left over for wine

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